Office of the Registrar General

The Office of the Registrar General (ORG) was established in 2008 to continue the functions of the Rwanda Commercial Registration Agency. ORG is housed in the RDB as a division under the Investment Promotion and Implementation Department.

I. Where is ORG located?

You will find us on the ground floor of the RDB Head office in Gishushu on Nyarutarama Road, Kigali as well as in our liaison offices located in 4 different districts, see Contacts.

II. What are the main Responsibilities of the ORG?

The Office of the Registrar General is tasked with facilitating investment through developing and maintaining a world class efficient business register and promoting a business friendly regulatory framework. In particular the Office of the Registrar General has the responsibility to initiate, implement and follow up the activities relating to registering and striking from the register; businesses, secured transactions and intellectual property rights.

The Office of Registrar General has the following responsibilities:

  • Implement and develop the laws relating to companies, secured transactions, commercial recovery and settling of issues arising from insolvency
  • Monitor and supervise activities relating to commercial recovery and  settling of issues arising from insolvency,
  • Maintaining registers, data and all records of the Office of the Registrar General,
  • Publicizing all  information relating to business registration;
  • Examining, on a regular basis the laws that need to be implemented by the Office of the Registrar General to determine areas for review and development;
  • Designing training, information and sensitization programs for economic operators on regulations that govern them as provided for by the commercial laws;
  • Daily management of Intellectual Property rights.

III. What are the main laws implemented by the Office of the Registrar General?

  1. The Companies Act (Law No 07/2009 of 27/04/2009 relating to companies).
  2. The Mortgage Law (Law No 10/2009 of 14/05/2009 on mortgage)
  3. Security Interests in Movable Property Law (Law No 11/2009 of 14/05/2009 on security interests in movable property)
  4. Insolvency Law (Law No 12/2009 relating to commercial recovery and settling of issues arising from insolvency)
  5. Intellectual Property Law,
  6. Negotiable Instruments Law.

IV.What Services does the Office of the Registrar General provide?

Some of the services offered by ORG are the following:

-          Registration of Individual Enterprises,
-          Registration of Companies,
-          Registration of additional  business activities,
-          De-registration of individual enterprises and companies,
-          Issuing certificates of non-bankruptcy to traders and companies,
-          Registration, administration and transferring security interests on movable and immovable property,
-          Registration and protection of intellectual property rights

Services related to business registration are delivered within 6 hours when the application complies with the requirements, services related to secured transaction are delivered within 24 hours when the application complies with the requirements and the service of Intellectual property are delivered as follows:

Patent:                      12 Months (minimun period)
Utility Model:            12 months
(maximum period)
Trade Mark:
3 months
Industrial Design:      6 months
Copyright:                   1 week

V. What are the advantages of being registered?

Registration of business activities, secured transactions and Intellectual Property rights is mandatory for all Rwandans and foreigners intending to do or already doing business in Rwanda.

Registration spells many benefits, for instance, ensuring that your business benefits from the protections provided for by the business laws, such as limited liability; gaining access to credit from financial institutions; protecting the owners of intellectual property from unauthorised use of their creations, etc.

It is important for the development of our country to register your business because this will enable the transition of our economy from predominantly informal to formal. Further, it inspires trust in your customers because it is proof that you are an approved trader.

VI. Our Vision

  • Establish electronic registration systems for all our services and set up a modern database management system.
  • Promote online registration to achieve a paperless registration system.
  • Develop world class information services to provide our clients with information they need for any of our services in a timely, accurate and efficient manner.
  • Promote knowledge on Intellectual Property rights protection and its contribution to Rwanda’s vision of a knowledge based society.
  • Increase awareness among SME’s on the benefits of registration,
  • Design sensitization programs on business activities and continue awareness of the new business laws in Rwanda.
  • Develop corporate governance regulations and guidelines through consultations with the private sector,
  • Open registration offices in each District.

VII. Our Mission

To promote Rwanda as a preferred investment destination through the provision of world class registration services and systems, provide updated and quick information to all our clients and improve the operation of businesses in Rwanda through developing and ensuring compliance of a modern and internationally competitive corporate governance framework.

Registrar General

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