Online Business Registration service

Register of Companies, Enterprises and Business Names

Online business registration

The online registration service covers the registration of:

  • Companies, both domestic and foreign
  • Enterprises operated by an individual trader
  • Amendments to the registered information on a business
  • Filing of annual returns and reports

The online service allows you to also check the status of your application(s).

You will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your PC to  use this service, you can download Adobe Reader for free from


The online registration is perfected by the use of an e-signature provided by ORG upon your request (Step 1 of the online application). The same e-signature can be used for the filing of several applications or annual returns. It is however for security reasons recommended that you periodically request a new  e-signature. If you have forgotten your e-signature, click on “Forgot e-signature” and a new e-signature will be assigned and sent to you by e-mail.

The online service can only be accessed by the e-signature assigned to you by ORG.

No physical paper submissions

When using the online service, you may not submit any documents on hard paper to ORG. All documents, including the completed consolidated application form and the prescribed attachments must all be scanned and sent as attachments on the online service.

Online guidance

An online user manual describing the details of each step of the online application process is available on our website for downloading. Please refer to it before you begin the registration process.

You will find that the service includes HelpTexts giving detailed explanations for the execution of each step and/or each data fields to be filled in.

Payment of registration fee

There is no registration fee for online services, this service is provided free of charge.

To proceed to the online registration service click here;

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