Online Business Registration User Manual

Please refer to the following manual in PDF to guide you as you register your business online:

Online Business Registration User manual

54 Responses to Online Business Registration User Manual

  1. Administrator says:

    go to then click and download on the link BUSINESS ACTIVITIES


  2. Administrator says:

    nugukora e-signature request, hanyuma ukabona username na password ubundi ugakora registration online

  3. Administrator says:

    memorandum iri kuri then click on application forms

  4. Administrator says:

    pass through then application forms u will see business activities

  5. christian says:

    ndashaka gukora registration online ariko bansaba ku download my ID doc ariko simbona an option to how attach it please mwamfasha?

  6. Administrator says:

    muri e-signature request…. urebe ahanditse attachment maze uclicke kuri new then uhitemo id card hanyuma u browse kuri computer yawe aho iyo ID yawe iri

  7. Administrator says:

    yes… wuzuza domestic company registration form

  8. RUDASINGWA J.Bosco says:

    I have 4 questions:
    1. Iyo muvuze domestic campany, does it mean iri locally operating?
    2. None niba campany itari iy’ubucuruzi ahubwo wenda ikaba iya general interest kubera ibibazo biri muri society ishaka gukemura, huzuzwa application form nk’iy’ubucuruzi?
    3. None se birashoboka ko umuntu yayuzuza ku izina rye nk’uwagize igitekerezo cyangwa binasaba ko abo batangirana bose batanga nabo amazina yabo.
    4. Haba se hari izindi process zikorwa mbere ya registration muri RDB?
    5. Uwakenera more details hari icyo yafashwa ko mu ikoranabuhanga hazamo issue y’ururimi n’amagambo ari technical hakaba infos ziri confusing?

  9. Administrator says:

    hari form ziri mu kinyarwanda zabafasha kuri

  10. Ntwali says:

    I got a rejection by administrators on a E-signature request. Can you pls tell me what should I do to get it approved ?

  11. Administrator says:

    no rejection on e-signature request

  12. Michel says:

    i have completed and submitted the online form for opening a new business. what is next? i was expecting an email confirming the status or giving further instructions but nothing.
    please advise.

  13. Administrator says:

    some online user manual…… birashoboka ko utubahiriza ibyo usabwa

  14. Administrator says:

    nice comment… will work out on it

  15. Lily says:

    please, help me to find out the requirements for getting business trading license.


  16. Administrator says:

    Do you have adobe installed in your computer ??
    it is found at
    anyway i will attach to your email

  17. Joseph Birimoyezu says:

    I got a rejection by administrators on a E-signature.
    it says my email is not registered. and was in the middle of registering my business using the same User name 53383304, password: what is am i not understanding?

  18. Administrator says:

    you didn’t attach your proper id

  19. Philbert says:


    nonese kumenya ko izina wahisemo ntawundi urifite wabimenya gute online

    ntahitamo izina nkabona harundi urufite

  20. Administrator says:

    you need to click
    noneho ukareba niba ntawundi urifite

  21. Administrator says:

    maybe your connection is too week…because for me it is opening

    try again and let me know

  22. Administrator says:

    iyo wabone e-signature ntabwo ukenera kubyuzuza

  23. Administrator says:

    iriya id niyo kugirango igufashe kubona e-signature…nanone ugomba kuyishyira muri system… niyo wayishyira muri OTHERS block ntacyo

  24. Administrator says:

    did you attach your proper ID??

  25. Administrator says:

    ignore the number and proceed. better first to read the user manual found at

  26. jean paul says:

    id document musaba iba ari indangamuntu iri scanned?

  27. Administrator says:

    yes yes ni copy yindangamuntu

  28. Rutayisire Emile says:

    Oh lala ko namaze kuba accepted, approuved none gukomeza bikaba byananiye mfite Usernumber ndetse na Password. Mumfashe mu mbwire inzira nyuramo. Ibisabwa byose ubu ndabifite but aho mbishyira simpabona nka Id copy n’inyandiko y’ubwumvikane yo gushinga sosiyete nkabona kugaragaza ibyo nshaka gukora

  29. emma says:

    our interne email server is not responding

  30. Ngabo Alex says:

    Njye mfite ikibazo, 1)iyo umaze nko kwandisha entreprise online,uhita uhabwa Tin number cyangwa uza kuyifata kuri RDB? 2)ese iyo umaze kwandikisha iyo entreprise,hari documents uhita uhabwa ziri printable? cg iyo bakubwiye approved succefully,biba bihwaniyemo?

  31. Pacifique says:

    mwiriwe? ni gute nabona domestic company registration form

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  34. circle says:

    hello how can I booking my name?

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  37. Habiyaremye Jean Pierre says:

    I need a certificate of non-bankruptcy, is it possible to apply it online? If yes you may give me the procedures and the requirements.

  38. Didier says:


    Online, Kugira duhinduze uwari legal representative of a company, umuntu yanyura he? murakoze

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  40. Muanza wa Muanza vinny Claude says:

    Hi sir / Madam,
    i tried to access my account but i failed and i wanted to make amendment for the company.
    what can i do?

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  45. MANIRAREBA Jean Pierre says:

    Mwiriwe neza,Ndi umukozi wa Sacco ikorera mu karere ka Nyaruguru Ushinzwe Inguzanyo, nagiragango mudufashe muduhe User name na Password kugirango tubone uko tuzajya twandika imitungo nk’ingwate kubanyamuryango basaba Inguzanyo.
    Abazihabwa n’Aba:
    Manager:FURAHA Emilienne(0788460105)
    Loan Officer:MANIRAREBA Jean Pierre(0785986752)

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  48. placide uzabakiriho says:

    nifuzaga kubabaza uko nakwandikisha company on line kuko kuko nifuza gukora
    kuko nifuza gutangira namaze kwandikwa
    ariko sifuzaga uko mwamyobora uko bikorwa

  49. Hirwa Elivis says:

    muraho neza,ndashaka business certificate,campany narayandikishije ariko sinzimpamvu byanga kuyibona,wenda mwamfasha mukampa link ihangeza direct

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