Information services

All information recorded within our registers is of a public nature. You can access information on all businesses and business names using our online information services.

There are several options for searching information stored in our electronic register online:

  • Any third party can access information from the Register free of charge. This search includes;
    • Search for enterprise by name (check if enterprise name is reserved in the system).
    • Search for enterprise by ID to find out information on a particular company
  • One may also take a Free tour to search for this information.
  • A person with a valid user name and password will be able to access information stored in the Register of Enterprises and Business names. The user can retrieve the full set of information for a particular company at a time or search company information matching the specified criteria and also make a combination of several criteria, such as;
    • Enterprise code;
    • Legal form;
    • Business activity;
    • Enterprise name
    • Registration date.

The user may also place an order for the verified copy of official extract, request information by phone or directly from any ORG office.

You may use a free tour to search on Business names here or to search on Enterprises here.

If you have an valid account you can proceed to information services

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