Intellectual Property Rights Legal documents

Industrial property requirement

Ministerial orders of Intellectual property rights

Law no 31-2009 of 26-10-2009 On the Intellectual Property

Copyright Requirements

This law shall protect authors of the following categories:

1° Inventors;
2° Innovators;
3° creators of industrial designs;
4° creators of layout designs of integrated circuits;
5° creators of distinctive signs used in trade;
6° authors of literary, artistic and scientific works, performers;
7° phonogram producers;
8° any other author of an original intellectual creation.

This Law also protects:

1° owners of distinctive signs used in trade;
2° broadcasting organisations.

The protection of intellectual property rights shall include all matters affecting the availability, acquisition, scope, maintenance and use of those rights, penalties to be applied in cases of infringement thereof as well as any other procedures for their protection.

Presidential Order N°09/01 of 16/02/2011 ratifying the Madrid Agreement concerning the international registration of trademarks adopted in Madrid, Spain on 27 June 1989 (p.49)

Presidential Order N°10/01 of 16/02/2011 ratifying The Hague Agreement concerning the international registration of industrial design adopted on 06 November 1925 (p.53)

Presidential Order N° 16/01 of 16/02/2011 ratifying the patent cooperation treaty done at Washington, United States of America on 19 June 1970 (p.3)

Presidential Order N° 17/01 of 16/02/2011 ratifying the additional protocol on the agreement of Lusaka, Zambia of 09 December 1976 on the creation of the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO) on patents and industrial designs within the framework of the African regional intellectual property organization (ARIPO) adopted on 10 December 1982 at Harare, Zimbabwe (p.8)

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