A. Personal information for the Beneficail Owner (BO)

1. Personal name
2. Nationality
3. ID/Passport number
4. current residence address
5. e-mail
6. telephone number
7. date of birth
8. Proof of residence
9. Occupation/profession
10. Proof of occupation
11. professional address
12. tax payer number
13. Date of becoming BO
14. Nature and extent of ownership interest.
15. Date when BO ceases to be beneficial owner/s(amendments).

B. Attachments

- Copy of ID or Passport
- Proof of owning shares in company (share certificate)
- Proof of Voting rights (AOA or shareholder agreement) what about Full info
- Proof of occupation,
- Proof of senior managerial position,
- Other attachments.

C. When to provide beneficial ownership information

- During new company registration
- In case of any changes in company (or any other legal person/arrangement) ownership
- At the end of every accounting year a confirmation should be made as to whether the beneficial ownership information is up to date.